5 Things To Avoid During Your Internship

Going for an internship soon? Or currently going through your internship? Here are a few lessons that I’ve learned during my time as an intern. I’m sure you’re used to reading about the things you SHOULD DO during your internship but this article aims to share with you about what you SHOULD NOT DO during your internship so that you can learn as much as possible during your internship while also performing well at your workplace.

 Don’t be punctual, be early.

                Don’t have a watch? Buy one! Your attitude concerning time is a good indicator of your professionalism. Always try to be at least 5 or 10 minutes early. If work starts at 8:00AM, be there by 7:50AM. Sure, the way you talk and behave is important but it doesn’t mean anything if you’re always being late. By respecting time, you will be respected by others. Do whatever it takes to NOT BE LATE!

Avoid talking about your personal life.

                The workplace is not your home. Avoid talking about your personal life such as your family, friends, love or anything that is not suitable for the working environment. The keyword here is suitable. You can talk about personal issues but do it during the leisurely hours such as break time. Sure, people have so many things to share but share what is only necessary and related to work. Be professional!

Avoid working on your personal side business in the office.

Students nowadays are always looking for ways to make side income. However, you should avoid from carrying out any business deals during your working hours. You can always handle your business-related work after the working hours. When you focus on your side business, you lose focus towards your internship. This could lead to errors and mistakes which will make you seem very unprofessional!

Give no excuses.

                Internship is the time for you to apply the theories that you learned in your classroom and it is also the time for you to learn new things. Some of your superiors will assign you to do work that you’re not good at, but at least show your effort to learn and your commitment in trying new things. Avoid laziness while working because by doing the job, you can learn new things and show that you can be dependable.

Cheating in your report? Think again.

                Some employers will ask for your work report, but some will not. If your employer doesn’t check your logbook or report, do not cheat in it. By being honest and writing only about the work you’ve done, you train yourself to be accountable. You will also be able to keep track of your progress in the internship. So if you really want to avoid cheating, start being productive during your internship. By doing this, you don’t have to worry about cheating on your report

This article was written by Muhammad Fardhy Syawal. He is currently doing a Bachelor of Communication (Hons) in Communication and Instructional Training at the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, UiTM Shah Alam.

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