How To Set Yourself Apart in An Interview


You’ve heard of this phrase before. It’s repeated countless of times by motivational speakers. Even your friends say it to you every now and then.

But is it really helpful?

In an interview, YES.

However, the advice never really seems to work for a lot of people. You’ve probably tried it out at some point in your life but you didn’t get the results you wanted. Why?

Because your understanding of it is wrong. If being yourself was enough, then everyone would be successful. Here’s the right understanding:


Be Yourself = Be the BEST at doing what YOU can do

At every interview session where there are multiple candidates, there are a few things which everyone usually has:

  1. Resume
  2. CV
  3. Cover Letter
  4. Relevant skills
  5. Relevant experience

You probably bring all these things too when you apply for a particular job. So what makes you so different?

See, that’s the question that every interviewer asks themselves when they go through each interviewee.

What makes YOU so different?

You never truly know if your skills and experience are better than other people’s. So how do you make sure you set yourself apart?

This is where we come back to the beginning of this post.


You must showcase to the interviewers your X Factor. Your uniqueness.

How do you this?

Speak Naturally

An interview is just a business deal. You are both the seller and the product. Do you think people want to buy stuff from a robotic and rigid seller? Of course not!

The best salespeople are those who connect with their customers. To connect, they must show emotions.

  1. Speak enthusiastically about your skills and experience.
  2. Be honest about what you write in your resume.
  3. Smile when it’s appropriate.

Highlight Your Uniqueness

You went to university? Okay.
You studied law? Good.
You interned at a few companies? Great.

So what?

If someone says the above things to you, would you regard them as special or just like everyone else who attended university, studied law and did internships?

Think about it. Your past experiences all have their own stories and lessons that no one else but YOU can talk about. So talk about them!

Learnt something important in university but it wasn’t taught in class? Talk about it!
Had the opportunity to work on a project during your internship? Talk about it!

Being one of a kind means we are automatically the best in the world at what we do.

 – Victor Williamson


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