The Importance of Looking Good

Face it. First impressions are important. It’s why most employers take around just 12 minutes to form opinions during an interview. 12 minutes!

Regardless of how skilled you are or how much experience you have, people will FIRST judge you according to your appearance. The clothes you wear, your fitness and your personal grooming all pay a huge role in deciding the quality of your CAREER, SOCIAL LIFE and even FINANCIAL STATUS.

Positive First Impression

When you take care of your appearance, it automatically sends one very important message to everyone who meets you. I respect myself.

It’s quite often that when someone shows one negative trait, we assume they have even more negative traits. Like when we think someone is an untrustworthy friend, we also think he’d make a bad colleague even if we don’t know the quality of his work

When someone believes that we respect ourselves because we put effort into looking our best, they will immediately assume that we put a similar amount of effort in whatever we do. Instantly, people form a positive image of us in their heads. And this can all happen without us saying a word to them!

People Treat You Differently

There’s a story about a man who goes to a Porsche dealership wearing only a plain white tshirt and a pair of shorts. Although the building didn’t have many customers, none of the salespeople approached him. When he went to talk to one of them, he was asked to leave because they “only have time for potential customers“.

Upon hearing this, the man became furious and stomped out of the building. He then went over to a Lamborghini dealership next door. Half an hour later, the same man drove by the Porsche dealership in a brand new Aventador.

There are two lessons to be learned.

  1. First impressions aren’t always accurate.
  2. The way dress will affect the way people treat you.

Confidence Boost

If every time you look in a mirror, you think “I don’t like how I look“.

Automatically, you will believe that other people will also not like how you look.

This significantly LOWERS your confidence. You have no sense of pride in yourself and you constantly feel that people are judging you NEGATIVELY.

Turn that around.

What if you LOVE the way you look. It makes it even easier to believe other people will also like the way you look.

There is no doubt that this will greatly BOOST your confidence. Just ask anyone who’s ever transformed themselves physically whether through exercise or makeup.

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